About Karen Evennett, journalist & copywriter

I graduated from University College London with a 2:1 in French Literature before taking a post-graduate certificate in journalism, ditching the academic writing style I’d honed, and learning to produce tabloid style copy as a feature writer for Chat magazine and then the London Evening News.

By the age of 27 I’d left the office behind and was freelancing full time.  My first book, Coping Successfully with PMS, was published a few years later, and I’ve now written, co-authored, and ghosted a total of 14 books.

I love the variety of my work – no day is ever the same, and, even after 30 years as a writer, every new project still excites me.

As a contributing health editor, I’ve written monthly and weekly health news spreads for Woman’s Own, Cosmopolitan, Prima and Candis. As a feature writer, I’ve brought hundreds of medical case studies to life for titles like That’s Life and Take A Break. And, with my nose for a quirky news story, I’ve loved finding stories like The 60p Injection that can boost your flagging energy and The GPs who practice alternative medicine and When an itch in pregnancy is a sign your baby is at risk in the Daily Mail, and Blue Monday in the Guardian.

As a media advisor, I’m known for my honesty, openness and integrity. I find that people quickly warm to me and my additional counselling skills qualification makes it easy for me to put interviewees at ease, handling sensitive case studies with care.

If you’d like to talk to me about a work idea, email me at Karen Evennett.


Karen Evennett Journalist, author and copywriter