About Karen Evennett, journalist & copywriter

Karen Evennett graduated from University College London with a 2:1 BA honours degree in French. After three years as a reference book editor, she went back to school to study for a post-graduate certificate in journalism at the London College of Printing (now the London College of Communications) and started work immediately as a feature writer for Chat magazine, a year later moving to the London Evening News before embarking on a freelance career writing for magazines and newspapers. Her first book, Coping Successfully with PMS, was published by Sheldon in 1995. She has since written, co-authored, and ghosted a further 11 books, and is always on the look out for a new and consuming project.

Karen’s passion for real life journalism means her work features regularly on the pages of That’s Life, Take A Break and Prima, while her nose for a quirky news story has led to stories such as The 60p Injection that can boost your flagging energy and The GPs who practice alternative medicine and When an itch in pregnancy is a sign your baby is at risk in the Daily Mail, and Blue Monday in the Guardian.

Karen is known for her honesty, openness and integrity; and her warm and friendly interviewing style has made her popular with the many charities she has worked with. As a media mentor Karen helps charities to find the story that will help to sell their campaign. She is also available to advise practitioners and health related businesses on media coverage from content for their website to selling their story to a newspaper or magazine.

Karen Evennett Journalist, author and copywriter