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What’s the safest way to whiten your teeth? Should you travel abroad for cosmetic surgery? What do you need to know about anti-ageing beauty therapies?  Which health issues are reflected in your face? Can you eat yourself beautiful?

I write about cosmetic surgery and holistic beauty. I was one of the first health writers in the UK to write about vaginaplasty, my feature appearing in one of the launch issues of Grazia.

I can craft consumer-friendly content for your website, blog, pamphlets, and advertorials.

Image by Lindsay Henwood
28th November 2018

3 of the best anti-ageing strategies

Goldie Hawn was featured in The Times last weekend, and she looked AMAZING!  I had to press my face closer to check I wasn’t imagining it: she really was a 73 year old woman with no sign of a wri...

fitness walking
14th August 2018

Is walking the best exercise you can do?

Walk the dog, jump off your bus two stops early, and leg it up the stairs instead of taking the lift… We’re all being urged to get to our feet to boost our health and work off excess pounds –...

14th August 2018

Is it better to sleep naked?

Ditch the winter wynceyette – you’ll sleep better in the buff… That was the argument I made in this feature for My Weekly (link to pdf) – but, of course, the truth, as was soon to be establ...

13th April 2014

Lent… I relent (with consequences)

As I do not have a religious bone in my body, my Lent abstinence was destined to fail. I’d embarked on it with the promise that I would make an exception for my trip to Rome (just a few days into...