Portfolio: Beauty & Aesthetics

What’s the safest way to whiten your teeth? Should you travel abroad for cosmetic surgery? What do you need to know about anti-ageing beauty therapies?  Which health issues are reflected in your face? Can you eat yourself beautiful?

I write about cosmetic surgery and holistic beauty. I was one of the first health writers in the UK to write about vaginaplasty, my feature appearing in one of the launch issues of Grazia.

I can craft consumer-friendly content for your website, blog, pamphlets, and advertorials.

Image by Lindsay Henwood

3 of the best anti-ageing strategies

Goldie Hawn was featured in The Times last weekend, and she looked AMAZING!  I had to press my face closer to check I wasn’t imagining it: she really was a 73 year old woman with no sign of a wri...


Is it better to sleep naked?

Ditch the winter wynceyette – you’ll sleep better in the buff… That was the argument I made in this feature for My Weekly (link to pdf) – but, of course, the truth, as was soon to be establ...

Lent… I relent (with consequences)

As I do not have a religious bone in my body, my Lent abstinence was destined to fail. I’d embarked on it with the promise that I would make an exception for my trip to Rome (just a few days into...