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Nuts about Brazils

by Karen Evennett for

Brazil nuts are not just for Christmas. They’re the richest source of selenium, and new research gives us even more reason to eat them daily... Read more 

Have you forgotten something?

 by Karen Evennett, on 7 August 2013 for A.Vogel

Losing your keys, or forgetting why you’ve gone into a room? These things happen to us all, believe it or not, but they do tend to happen more as we get older – usually because we’re thinking about something else. Among my peers it’s also fairly classic to come to a standstill in the middle of a sentence because one of us has suddenly forgotten the film or its star that was on the tip of our tongue a nano-second earlier…. Read more


Painkillers: Picking the right pill for your pain

by Karen Evennett, on 18 November 2013 for YAHOO! LIFESTYLE

Most of us rely on painkilling drugs on a monthly, if not weekly basis. But what are we actually taking? And are you choosing the right pill for your pain?  Read more 


Sex: why less may be more

by Karen Evennett, on 19 November 2013 for

Never in the mood for sex?

It may seem that way if it’s always your partner who initiates lovemaking while your own libido seems to have gone into hibernation. But tweaking the frequency of sex could make all the difference, says psychosexual therapist Jean Miller of… Read more


Five unusual signs of menopause

by Karen Evennett, on 4 December 2013 for

Hot flushes and night sweats are not the only signs that you’re hitting the menopause. In fact you may not have these common symptoms at all. Dr Heather Currie of Menopause Matters explains: ‘The hormone oestrogen has an impact on just about every body system… Read more