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Can diet help you reverse type 2 diabetes?

Interviewing Dr Michael Mosley recently, I was inspired to discover that he has reversed his type 2 diabetes with a fairly simple change of diet.

Michael, whose best-selling book The Fast Diet (written with journalist Mimi Spencer), introduced the world to the idea of 5:2 intermittent fasting, told me:

‘To start with I was interested in the evidence that eating just 500 or 800 calories a day one or two days a week could lower blood sugar levels and help manage type 2 diabetes – I’d recently been diagnosed with the condition but it is now in remission.

‘But, beyond weight loss and blood sugar control, it turned out to offer a raft of other potential benefits. It can boost the immune system and has, at least in animals, been shown to reduce the risk of dementia and slow down the ageing process.’

Michael now fasts one day a week – when he needs to. ‘It’s a good way to bring my weight back under control if I see it creeping up,’ he says.

He now broadly sticks to a Mediterranean diet. ‘I used to be a low fat diet devotee – but a Spanish study (The Predimed Study) of 7447 participants found that those randomised to a Mediterranean diet had half the risk of developing diabetes (a major risk factor for heart disease and dementia).

‘As well as a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, a true Mediterranean diet includes plenty of nuts, seeds, olive oil, oily fish, eggs and dairy.’

As a bonus, a moderate amount of dark chocolate and red wine are not just permitted but actively encouraged, Michael says. What’s not to love?

Read my interview with Michael here…


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