Writing content for digital platforms

I can craft consumer-friendly content for your website, blog, pamphlets, and advertorials.

Let me help you by:

  •  Supplying well-crafted, down-to-earth text that will engage your reader and hold their attention.
  • Working closely with doctors and health professionals to ghostwrite content on any medical subject - from the common cold to cosmetic surgery, cancer, heart disease, and mental illness.
  • Demonstrating an understanding and appreciation of both orthodox and alternative medicine.
  • Interviewing and writing up patient case studies with empathy and integrity.
  • Taking an enthusiastic and conscientious approach to every project, with a strict adherence to deadlines.
  • Bringing patient information to life with snappy bullets and fun formats such as quizzes and flow charts.
  • Expertly reaching your target audience with the most appropriate tone of voice for your market.
  • Exploiting my talent for writing to precise word counts.