Do you need to use a ghostwriter?

You are an expert in your field – but are you an expert at writing about your subject for the consumer market?

Do you really want to spend hours at your desk putting your thoughts into words? Do you even have the time to do that?

And, if you do make the time, will you be capable of writing an article or blog that really engages your reader and holds their attention? Can you step back from your subject enough to weed out the jargon and speak to your consumer in words that they will resonate with them?

As a journalist, editor, ghostwriter and copywriter, my experience of working with experts is that they know exactly what they want to say – but they don’t always know how to say it.
Many can explain things very easily when they are talking – and they do this every day, talking to patients – but, when they put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, their tone changes and, although trying to communicate clearly, the message can become far less clear. This is especially the case if their past experience of writing is for formal purposes. It can be surprisingly difficult to know not just what to bring in to your article, but also what to leave out. I am firmly in the camp that believes that less is usually more.

When I am engaged to help an expert to write a book or article, my job is to get to know that expert and their subject through a series of interviews. Together we then decide what needs to be written – and, while endeavoring to maintain the author’s preferred tone of voice, I then work on the words.

I also frequently work with material that has already been written up by the expert. Using my journalist’s eye, I can quickly see if anything needs more explanation. I will also edit out anything that is unnecessary. This is an essential skill when word counts are tight – for example if we are working on material that needs to fit a template.

You can see an example of how this works here (LINK TO MY WEEKLY OTC MEDS PDF). For this feature I interviewed Sid Dijani of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, then worked on his quotes to fit a template.

Can I help you write an expert piece for the consumer market? Could I help you to write a factual leaflet that needs to be friendly and succinct? Contact me by email to find out more.