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Where can you get a junk shop chandelier restored? How can you get a truly individual kitchen on a budget? Which shade of white should you put with your Farrow & Ball walls? I am in the process of doing up a house, and I love writing about interiors. Can I help you bring your interiors press release or blog to life? Contact me to arrange a chat.

Farrow & Ball Cinder Rose
20th August 2018

Will pink work in your interior?

When we moved into our new house, the front room was deep blue. Deep, dark blue: on the walls, windows, doors, and even the radiator. It was perfectly painted – but it was blue. Even the curtains...

Restoring a chandelier
14th August 2018

Where can I get a chandelier restored?

We love the boho elegance of chandeliers – even though they gather dust, and the bulbs always seem to wear out at different rates. Over the years we’ve bought three chandeliers in need of rewir...