Is it better to sleep naked?

Ditch the winter wynceyette – you’ll sleep better in the buff… That was the argument I made in this feature for My Weekly (link to pdf) – but, of course, the truth, as was soon to be established, is that it’s all about keeping your cool. Whether in light nightclothes, or none at all, we sleep better in a room that is 16-18 degrees, according to one of my favourite sleep experts Sammy Margo.

And, the better we sleep, the better our health should be. We’re more likely to keep weight off, reduce our risk of cancer and heart disease, and boost our protection against infections.

But, even if you dare to go bare, Sammy says there’s one item of clothing you should always keep on – your socks!

‘Strange but true, research shows you’re more likely to wake in the night if your feet are cold,’ she says.


My Weekly sleeping naked pdf