Is there a cure for your cold?

Officially there is no cure for the common cold… But I swear by the herbal remedy Echinacea. At the first sign of a tingle in my throat I will reach for A. Vogel’s Echinaforce Sore Throat Spray (£10.99 for 30ml from and all good health stores). It has a kick that hits the spot and seems to stop that irritating tingle in its tracks, and very often my cold goes no further…

Echinacea is well proven to boost the immune system and speed up recovery from a cold; and the throat spray has the added bonus of containing sage – a traditional remedy for sore throats.

I like A. Vogel because the company has been involved in a lot of the research into cold and flu treatments, and their Sore Throat Spray carries the Traditional Herbal Remedy (THR) seal of approval, guaranteeing a safe and reliable product. (Always look for the THR number when you buy a herbal medicine).
Echinacea famously reduces the time you can expect to suffer with a cold – but, typically, how long should your snuffling and sneezing go on for?

In this feature, for Bella magazine, I spoke to Valerie Edwards-Jones, Professor of Medical Microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University, about what to expect of the trajectory of the typical common cold.