Is there a downside to combining prescription drugs?

Killer prescription drug combinationsWill taking medicine for one problem lead to you developing something else needing yet another drug?

It’s something we all worry about when we read the litany of potential side effects on our patient information leaflets – and with good reason, it turns out. In a feature in Candis magazine, Karen explored the problem with polypharma: the domino effect of taking one drug and then needing another, and another, and another…

In fact around 50 to 70 per cent of all common medications cause problems that lead to further drugs, according to Sid Dajani, a pharmacist and spokesperson for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. He says: ‘The polypharmacy trap affects a lot of people, but there are usually ways to avoid it’.

When GPs’ pay is linked to how well they are managing common illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes, we need to know, not only about the side effects of those drugs, but how they interact with any other medicines taken.

Read the full article by Karen Evennett in February 2015 See PDF version