Sweet dreams are made of this…

insomniaLavender in my bath, Melissa on my pillow… You can see where this is going. I – who like to think of myself as one of the world’s best sleepers – am having trouble sleeping at night. Like millions of other women my age.

This weekend I have introduced the totally vile tasting Dormeasan: a tincture of hops and valerian that MUST work well or nobody in the world would buy it, because it is indescribably disgusting. I tried to disguise it in Cherry Active – Montmorrency cherry juice that is rich in natural melatonin, to also aid sleep – but I still had to pinch my nose while I knocked it back.

Then came the eye mask, and the wax earplugs. Sleeping in total darkness – no thread of light – is recommended for a good night’s sleep; and, as my husband has so far not noticed, let alone used, the new snoring remedy Asonor that I’ve left by his side of the bed, I need something to block out the cacophony if I am not going to end up sleeping in my study.

Talking over my new sleep problem with Alison Cullen from Vogel the other day, I realised there are other sleep saboteurs I have yet to tackle.

It was when Ali said, with incredulity, that she gets calls from ladies who can’t sleep “because their cats are in the bed”, that I realised the presence of a cocker spaniel, who jumps in and out of the bed several times a night, is not doing me any favours. No matter how sweet I think he is.

How to retrain an 11 year old dog? Since we didn’t manage when he was a puppy, we’re unlikely to have much success now. But Ali has a solution for that too – flower remedies for pets. She recommends that I add drops for the highly strung animal to Joe’s water. That is next on my list. But the lavender, Melissa, vile Dormeasan, Cherry Active, eye mask and ear plugs made such a huge difference this weekend that I hardly noticed when that little paw tapped me and a whiny noise said, “Pleeeease – let me under the duvet!”