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What’s causing your high blood pressure?

Hypertension – high blood pressure – is a subject that I often find myself writing about.  It raises our risk of stroke, heart disease, and dementia and is something we should all be taking seriously. (If you’re due your NHS Health Check – book it now. It could save your life!).

In this feature (see below) I look at what we can all do to lower our risk of this silent killer.

Ideal blood pressure is in the range of 90/60 to 120/80.

If your “bottom” blood pressure number is consistently 90 or above, your blood pressure is too high and may need to be treated with drugs.

But what if the drugs don’t have the desired effect? In a feature for the Daily Mail’s Good Health section, I wrote about how uncontrolled hypertension can be caused by an underlying condition of the adrenal glands known as Conn’s syndrome.

Conversely you may not even need drugs if you make a simple lifestyle tweak. Also in the Daily Mail’s Good Health section, I wrote about how drinking herbal tea containing liquorice can be a surprising cause of hypertension.

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