Restoring a chandelier

Where can I get a chandelier restored?

We love the boho elegance of chandeliers – even though they gather dust, and the bulbs always seem to wear out at different rates.

Over the years we’ve bought three chandeliers in need of rewiring.

We took two of them to Christopher Wray in Chelsea. They offer a complete restoration service.  The third was restored by the amazing Classical Chandeliers – a family business just outside Farnham in Surrey.

One of our existing chandeliers had by then suffered a serious injury – during a spring clean.  A pale pink pear drop had fallen and smashed on our quarry-tiled floor.  Most of the fragments seemed to have disappeared but we gathered what we could of it and took the pieces to Renata and Paul at Classical Chandeliers. While Renata repaired the chandelier that we now hang in our bedroom, she slowly nursed the broken pear drop back to health – patiently mixing wax to match the exact shade of pink, and gradually layering it into the gaps in the pieced together pear until it was finally whole again.

How wonderful to find someone who will offer such a special and personalized service.