Farrow & Ball Cinder Rose

Will pink work in your interior?

When we moved into our new house, the front room was deep blue. Deep, dark blue: on the walls, windows, doors, and even the radiator. It was perfectly painted – but it was blue. Even the curtains were dark blue.

Flicking through interiors magazines, a number of these deep blue living rooms kept popping up. It was obviously de rigueur to be blue. But, bang on trend though it was, we would never have chosen it.

So now our room is pink.

Now, here’s the most bizarre thing. If I am asked about my favourite colour, it is NEVER pink. When choosing clothing, my number one hue is, in fact, deep blue. My wardrobe is bulging with navy. My husband despairs when, out shopping, my eyes light up at yet another blue jumper. I can’t get enough of them…

I love blue – and I NEVER wear pink.

But pink on my walls is something else. As long as it is the right kind of pink, of course.

For nearly 25 years, and across two different houses, we adored Farrow & Ball’s now archived Ointment Pink. It adorned the cosy snug in our last house, creating a womb to retire to at the end of the day. (Was it Terence Conran who said, “Everyone needs one room that’s a womb?” Maybe not, but I say it anyway).

Even after a quarter of a century, we remained so un-bored with Ointment Pink that we were tempted to repeat it in our new house.

Instead, we opted for Cinder Rose – which is a classic and sumptuously chalky pink. My friend calls it Earthworm Pink, not a colour yet on Farrow & Ball’s palette – though I wouldn’t put it past them. It would fit quite well alongside Mole’s Breath, Dead Salmon, and Mouse’s Back.

Now, flicking through new issues of the same interiors magazines that had all those blue rooms last year – guess what…? They’re full of pink rooms. Calamine, Pink Ground, Nancy’s Blushes… Who knew – my delicious Cinder Rose is firmly with the zeitgeist.